Adult Volunteers

How to Help

Camp Linstead is an All Volunteer effort and we need your help!  There are many volunteer options available:

  • 2-4 Day Volunteers – generally assigned to assist at stations or dens or other areas around camp.
  • 5 Day Volunteers – our most needed volunteer and used to fill different roles at camp
    • Den Leaders – lead camp dens arounds stations, communicate with den parents, assist with sign-in, sign-out.
    • Station Assistants – We love having 5 day volunteers helping at our stations.
    • Split duty around camp
  • Station Staff – If you have a hobby or skill that fits into the scouting adventure (Surveying? First aid? Environmental science? Crafter? Artist?), consider offering that as a Station.
  • If you’re willing to learn some scout skills, games or crafts and instruct and guide scouts in learning the same skills, games or crafts, we’ll help you!.

In order to volunteer, you have to register for camp as an adult volunteer.  For information on registering for camp, go to the Registration page.  If you are interested in joining the Camp Linstead Day Camp staff, please contact the registrar for a list of open positions.

Volunteering Benefits

All volunteers (2 days or more) at Day Camp will be provided with training for this year’s Camp. Training is mandatory, due to the number of activities and changes within Camp each year.

All Volunteers also receive a discount against their scout’s registration.

Volunteer Quotas for Packs

Packs sending Cub Scouts to Day Camp MUST satisfy the following volunteer quotas:

  • One 3-5 Day Volunteer for every FOUR scouts registered from your unit.
  • One 5-Day Volunteer for every EIGHT scouts registered from your unit.  This 5 day volunteer is likely to be assigned to a Den Leader or Station Assistant Position.


  • If your unit is sending 3 scouts, no volunteers are mandatory – but they certainly are welcome!
  • If your unit is sending 4 scouts, One 3-5 Day Volunteer is mandatory.
  • If your unit is sending 6 scouts, One 3-5 Day Volunteer is mandatory, but consider sending more.
  • If your unit is sending 8 scouts, Two 3-5 Day Volunteers plus a 5-day Volunteer are mandatory.

These quotas represent the minimum of volunteers required – we will need more!  We LOVE Volunteers and will happily welcome you to camp.