General Camp Information

This section is for general camp information about Camp Linstead Cub Scout Day Camp.  Click on the Camp Information menu above to find additional details about Volunteering, Information for Boy Scouts and Crew Members, and Common Questions for Parents.


Howard County Fairgrounds
2210 Fairgrounds Rd
West Friendship, MD 21794

June 24-28, 2024
8:00AM – 4:30PM


At Day Camp, Cub Scouts visit various Stations where they can:

  • Play sports and learn new skills
  • Learn about nature and science
  • Perform favorite Cub Scout songs and skits
  • Shoot on our BB and archery ranges!
  • Work on rank advancements and activity requirements

For more information about activities at camp, check out examples of the Station Listings and Station Descriptions

Parent Information & FAQ

Here are some commonly asked questions from parents.

Visiting Camp

If you would like to visit during day camp, you must report to administration upon your arrival at camp. You will be treated as a visitor for the time you are on Day Camp grounds.

Pick Up

To designate adults who are able to pick up your child after Camp, you must include them on your registration form as “People Authorized To Pick Up”.  If you have not completed this portion or need to update information you may update this information using the Pick Up Authorization form and turn it in on the Sunday prior to camp.

Injuries and Illness

If your scout gets hurt during Day Camp, the nature of his injury will be determined and acted upon by the Camp Linstead medical staff. For minor injuries, your scout will be treated at the medical station and will be released back into Camp after their condition is treated.  If an injury that is deemed to require more attention than Day Camp is able to reasonably render, they will be transported to a facility for treatment. In this case, every effort will be made to contact the parents / guardians of the scout prior to transport. If you have questions for Medical Director prior to camp, use this form.

Contacting Camp Staff

  • Contact the Day Camp Administration Desk at (number to be published the week of camp). This is the preferred method, especially if you have a sick child that will be missing camp.
  • Contact the Baltimore Area Council at 443-573-2500.


To keep our Scouts and Volunteers safe at Camp, everyone in Camp must wear either this year’s Day Camp T-shirt, or be identifiable as a visitor who has checked in at the Administration Desk.

Only the current year’s Day Camp T-shirt is allowable as a camp T-shirt. Previous years’ T-shirts are not allowable as uniform in Day Camp.  Wearing the T-shirt makes it easier for Staff to spot strangers who might have entered our Camp and makes it easier for Scouts and adults to identify Staff.

Tagalongs, for insurance reasons, are not allowed onto the Day Camp grounds during Camp without permission.  The distinctive color of the Tagalongs shirt also makes it easier for the Tagalong Staff to supervise and protect their kids.

Based on T-shirt sizing issues in years past, consider ordering a slightly larger size than is currently worn. If you order the wrong size, a limited supply of T-shirts might be available for purchase; check with the Administration staff on Saturday after adult training or Sunday before camp starts.

Looking for More Information?

Role-specific information (including additional information for Parents and Youth Volunteers) is available under the “I Am A…” menu.  You must register on the site to access the “I Am A…” Menu).