Register for Camp Linstead (Youth and Volunteer)


For 2023 Camp Season :

Registration is now closed.

Late fees will apply after April 9

This page contains instructions and forms for both adults and all youth to Register for Camp Linstead Cub Scout Day Camp, including information about tuition, discounts, and how to register.  We have a lot of campers to register, so please help you Pack Coordinators by reading and following the instructions below.

Registration for 2023 Cub Scout Day Camp:

 All Registrations are now on line only, please follow the registration instructions below

To Register for Camp Linstead (campers or adult and youth volunteers):

Registration :

All registrations are on line this year, please ensure that all fields in the process is completed to the fullest. Please consult with your unit coordinator in regards to adult volunteer requirements and ratios prior to registering.  

Medical Forms

Download and complete Parts A and B of the BSA Health and Medical Form and sign and date for each camper. Only paper copies of the Health & Medical Form are requested. For privacy, the form may be submitted in a sealed envelope labeled with the Registrant’s name and Pack number to maintain confidentiality. Please ensure you provide a photo copy front and back of your medical card with your medical forms – a copy is needed for each individual set of medical forms, no single copy for the entire family. 

Get Everything together

Once you have completed the registration for Camp Linstead,-  Sign and Date all Medical  forms. Note: your registration is not completed unless full payment has been done online 

Submit the completed and signed forms, along with tuition payment (if not paid online), to your Unit Coordinator.  To assist the unit coordinator, please submit the registration information in a packet in this order:

  • Completed Medical Form(s) and certifications (YP, CPR, Ect.) for all adults
  • Scout/ Youth Volunteer completed Medical Form(s))
  • Cub Scout completed Medical Form(s))
  • Tagalong completed Medical Form(s)).
  • Tiger Days (incoming 1st graders) completed Medical Form(s)).
  • Note – a copy of medical cards front/back is required for each medical form 

If you don’t know who your pack coordinator is, click here (you need to register on the site in order to access the full list of coordinators).  If your Unit does not have a Coordinator yet, contact your Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor or Commitee Chair. You may not register if your Unit does not have a Coordinator registered with Day Camp Administration.


Tuition covers the cost of activities at Camp and includes one Day Camp T-shirt and a Day Camp Patch for each Cub Scout and one free Day Camp T-shirt for every volunteer (2 days or more), including BSA Scouts under 14.

  • One Cub Scout – $250 (for current grades 1-4)
  • Additional Cub Scouts from the same family – $200 for each, after the first. (for current grades 1-4)
  •  Scout/ Crew Volunteers – $30
  • Other Youth Volunteers (ages 14-17) – $30 
  • Tagalongs (parents must be a volunteer) – $30 per day 
  • Tiger Days – incoming 1st grade (Current Kindergarten)  (Wed/Thurs only) – $30

Be sure to order extra T-shirts on your Registration Form before Camp starts.


Available for each individual Volunteer* able to commit at least three (3) days to help at Camp. **NEW – must enter a coupon code on the second registration page (coupon code box)**  for the discount to be applied. 

  • 3 Day Volunteer Discount: $30 (only available if all 3 days are committed to one Den or Station)** Coupon code evt4mi 
  • 4 Day Volunteer Discount: $50 (only available if all 4 days are committed to one Den or Station)**Coupon code evm3zf
  • 5 Day Volunteer Discount: $70 plus one free Tagalong(only available if all 5 days are committed to one Den or Station)**Coupon code evcmu8
  • 5 Day Camp Den Leader Discount:  $70 plus one free Tagalong (only available if all 5 days are committed to one Den, if all slots are filled you will be assigned by the camp staff)**Coupon code evcmu8
  • Day Camp Staff 1 free Youth (To become Staff member you must contact Day Camp Registrar or Director prior to filling out paperwork) **Staff Members MUST pay for shirts for family**
  • Pack Coordinator $30 (can not be combined if another discount is applied) Coupon code evuokd

Discounts for pre-camp or post camp assistance are also available. Contact the day camp director for more information.

    • Volunteers may not combine their days at Camp to gain larger discounts.
  • Volunteers who need to split their time between two Dens receive the appropriate discount for the time spent in each Den. For example, a volunteer spending 2 Days in one Den and 3 days in another Den is eligible for the 3 Day Discount on their family’s total tuition, but they are not eligible for the 5 Day discount.

Refunds: If one has to withdrawn from camp prior to 60 days it is a full refund.  Sorry due to critical planning and supplies based on participation no refunds will be issued after 60 days prior to camp.

Important Notes

  • Only registered Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, Crew Members, adult volunteers 18 or older, or minors over the age of 14 are allowed to attend Day Camp.
  • The separate Tagalong program is available for siblings of Scouts who are attending Camp, but only on those days that the Scout’s parents are on site and volunteering at a Day Camp activity.
  • Everyone attending either Cub Scout Day Camp or the Tagalong program must have on file, with our Registrars, both a completed Registration and Medical forms and have their tuition completely paid.
  • Incoming Tigers (current Kindergarten entering 1st grade) ( 2 Days only – Wednesday and Thursday) must have an adult partner with them in camp all day 
  • Your Unit MUST have a Coordinator for your Unit to attend Day Camp.  We cannot accept applications from individuals.
  • Coordinators are required for any Pack, Troops, & Crews that wants to send boys/girls to Day Camp.