Training for Camp Leaders

Save the Date


Den Leaders Training – By invitation only 

May 12 – 7PM (virtual)  

May 14 – 11AM (virtual) 

May 17 – 7PM (virtual) 

May 19 – 7PM (virtual) 

Adult Volunteer Training – sessions length 90 mins 

May 24 – 7PM (virtual) 

May 26 – 7PM (virtual) 


Adult Volunteer Training – sessions length 90 mins 

June 7 – 7PM (virtual) 

June 11 – 11AM (virtual) 

Staff Training – Dates – TBD

Tiger Days Parents Session

June 16th – 7PM (virtual) 

In Person Training @ Howard Co. Fairgrounds

June 25 Youth Volunteer Training2 PM (subject to change)

June 25Adult Volunteer Training2 PM (subject to change)– 

June 26 – Time TBD – Staff Training

June 26 Youth Volunteer Training12pm (noon) (subject to change)

All volunteers (who volunteer for more than 1 day) at Camp Linstead will be provided with training for this year’s Camp. Even if you have been trained in years past, this year’s training for camp leaders is mandatory, due to the number of activities and changes within Camp this year.  All Scouts deserve Trained Leaders


Adult Training Requirements